NeosCoin (NEOS)

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Instant Transactions

Enabling this feature will allow coins to be spendable in a fraction of the time it would take for normal transactions by eliminating the need for several confirmations before being spendable.


Some enjoy spending their coin how they want – as it should be. Masternode technology facilitates stealth transactions – giving you the option of making your transactions private.

In-Wallet Trading

Currently we support trading at Bittrex directly from your Neos wallet. Place and cancel orders, and deposit right from your wallet. Other supported exchanges will be enabled soon.

Encrypted Messaging

Communicate with other Neos users without your privacy being a concern. Only the owner of the messages and intended recipients will be able to read them.

TOR Supported

Privacy and security are important, and one of the most popular methods used for both is the TOR network. Click Here to learn more about TOR.


Run a Neos masternode for the price of 5,000 Neos and receive 50% of the PoS rewards! Masternodes are important as they facilitate many features of the Neos network. Therefore, the rewards are great.

Development is in progress which will provide a solid foundation and a modular environment to support all of the upcoming Neos features. The social functionality Neos will bring to blockchain technology will be standard-setting.


Neos Source

Want to build your own client? Perhaps make a suggestion or contribute? Our Git repository is public and we push updates as soon they’re ready so check back often or our Git log here!

Windows Wallet

If you’d rather download the current Neos Windows build, Click Here and join us!


Can I mine Neos?

Neos uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rather than Proof-of-Work (PoW). This eliminates the requirement for hashing power and additional resources to be expended while still securing the network. In addition, by staking you also earn a reward of 0.5 Neos per block. There are 60 blocks generated per hour.


Why are the rewards lower compared to others?

0.5 Neos are rewarded to a selected masternode within the network for each block found as a method of payment for the services the masternodes provide. In general, the rewards in entirety are lower in order to keep a more reasonable economy in place as well.


What is a masternode?

Masternodes facilitate many of the existing services as well as the planned ones that will be offered in the near future in our next milestone. Some of the existing features provided are instant and stealth transactions. In the future they will be deployed as data stores as well. Masternodes cost 5,000 Neos to operate.


Where can I buy Neos?

Currently you can purchase Neos at the following exchanges:


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